Dear citizens of Japan,


This is a sketch of a monument to people of Japan for saving the Fon Rogges Family. The sketch is subject to discussions, hence I look forward to your suggestions,

corrections to make it look best from the view angle of Japan. The circle - a symbol of the sun, the footing - Japanese roof constructions. The monument will be placed in

Latvia, in the complex of Turaida Castle. Japanese tourists visiting Latvia will be made feel welcome, feel at home. The Fund has commenced fundraising donations.

Latvia is not among rich countries, but there is a hope. Funds can be raised within one year’s time by donation of just 1 EUR per person. Any possible profit will be

bequeathed by www.barontour.lv to the Fund. If you wish to support the Fund: Account No. LV68HABA0551032179513, SWIFT code: HABALV2X. Throughout

the world, charity is supported by all confessions and all gods. What goes around, comes around; through helping others, good people benefit, too. Good deeds of

people in any country cut the list of bad deeds.

The monument will be installed by "Fon Rogges Charity Fund". www.fonrogge.lv


I appeal to you with a request to publicize my fathers, who was shot in Siberian work camp in 1946, and my expression of sincerest thanks to the Land of the rising sun – Japan – for letting my father survive in 1920.

My father fought in Admiral Kolchak's army. They were the ones who brought Russia’s gold to Vladivostok to rescue it from the Bolsheviks. After the defeat of the army in 1919, Latvian soldiers were taken under protection by the French mission in Russia. Soldiers were disguising by wearing French uniforms and it was made possible for them to leave Russia -state that had already been taken over by Bolsheviks.

japan 01

Back then my father was only 19 years old, but already with severely undermined health. Near the coast of Japan, ship’s crew was forced to disembark my father, because the state of his health did not allow him to travel further to Latvia. Within two months he recovered and with the help of Japanese doctors was back on board a ship to continue his way back home to Latvia through the Suez Canal.

japan 2

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My father considered Japan as his second homeland. For me it is also the second homeland, because if Japan wasn’t there to help my father, I wouldn’t have been born. In Latvian fleet my father served as an officer. He visited Japan twice in the late 1930. He brought home a kimono, a sun guard (which is still in good condition) and silk paintings. During all family celebrations and anniversaries my mother wore a kimono to pay homage to Japan - the second homeland for us.

Then the war came, the occupation. Only after Latvia gained its independence, I (after my retirement in age of 73) actively started to investigate history of my family. During the occupation information about it was carefully hidden. I have information about my ancestors starting from year 1298 till 1307. The furthest one would be Master of the Livonian Order - Gottfried von der Rogge. Some of my ancestors fought in the German army against Napoleon. Some were paper manufacturers in Latvia. After the war I remained the only representative of the family von Rogge.

To honor my father's mother, Baroness Klara - Mary - Frederic von Rogge, I founded "Fon Rogge Charity Foundation" (www.fonrogge.lv). Through this fund I studied my family’s history, cleaned up and restored abandoned graves, burial places of Barons and abandoned monuments. I also helped people in need. I’m funding this charity by myself. No one is willing to chip in or help. It is well known that people in Latvia are quite poor – especially our wealthy people (who hide their wealth in offshore companies). I will continue fight for my cause as long as I can.

Some time ago I was found by Order of German Knights. After they checked my credentials I was offered to join their ranks. After a year a position of Komtur was granted for me. Now my responsibility is to locate descendants of Knights in Latvia and to keep up tradition of Chivalry.

I have photos of the coast of Japan, from my home in Riga, before the war and in Japanese clothing. If it would be possible, I and my family - as well as my late father - would appreciate your help in getting my gratitude to Japanese people published.

I’m closely following events and news about Japan. When Fukushima disaster struck in 2011, I donated my pension through Japanese Embassy in Riga, because I believe that it is my duty to the Japanese people and my second homeland. In coming days Japanese Embassy in Riga will open a donations account for victims of last earthquake and, again, I will donate my pension. Not because I think Japan won’t be able to manage without my help, but because I believe it is my sacred duty.

I am looking forward to your answer and hope you will provide address where I can send additional information and photos if necessary.

Olavs  Igals von Rogge.

Founder of „Fon Rogges Charity Foundation“

Komtur of SOUV Deutschritter orden of Baltic states



Thank   you  for  material   support   !!!



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