My wife, granddaughter, oldest son, Prince Kropotkin with his wife and I – Olavs Igals von  Rogge, next to the new Castle of Sigulda – former property of Prince Kropotkin.

Souv. Deutschritterorden

Deutschritterorden, bruņinieka iecelšana, bruņniecība latvijā Bruņniecība Latvijā, bruņinieku ordenis Bruņniecība Latvijā, Olavs Igals fon Rogge, bruņinieks, ordenis

Hochmaster Josef  Bruckl ,  Komtur of  SOUV Deutschritter orden of Baltic states Olavs  Igals von Rogge.


Sword of Komtur of  SOUV Deutschritter orden of Baltic states Olavs  Igals von Rogge.


Global Knights.


Membership of Global Knights is for people of all nationalities and faiths who voluntarily participate in charity, actually carry out charity events, recognize the grace of God, believe in good and live in accordance with God’s will.

Global Knights of Baltics enroll people who are able to serve as an example to others in everyday life, who comply with domestic culture, decency, have respect for older people and help those weaker than themselves. People whose behavior makes them an example to others are the embodiment of noble knight’s behavior – the best example with their high awareness of honor.

Global Knights are ready to enroll new candidates for knighthood in the Baltics, who believe that they meet all the necessary requirements and want to be members of Global Knights. Probation period is one year. The annual membership fee is 450 € Euro.

Candidates should apply by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – addressing Komtur Olavs  Igals von Rogge in  Latvia. After consideration Komtur will transfer your application to respectable Mr. Hochmaster Bruckl for assessment and final decision.

When submitting documents for admission to the Global Knights of Baltic states by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly, following information should be included in a CV:

  •  Name, Surname, Identity number;
  • Exact place of residence (adress);
  • Education;
  • Profession, occupation;
  • Photo;
  • Application;
  • Since knighthood is also considered to be a nobility, some kind of statement/reference from the history of your ancestors is desirable (possibly related to nobility.) It must be confirmed by at least 2 people;
  • Rank in any army;
  • State of health (certificate/reference is desirable; having driver’s licence will do just fine);
  • Denomination/faith affiliation;
  • A written statement that confirms you’re not involved with any extremist organization and/or political party – we’re not political.


Incompatibility with knighthood.

By the order from the Hochmaster and by the laws of knighthood Olavs Igals von Rogge is appointed for life as Komtur. Knight applicant or knight who with his actions violates the Knight’s code of honor, by the sole command of Komtur will be stripped of his knighthood for life without the right of pardon.

For more information about development of GLOBAL KNIGHTS in Latvia, German order knights and their activities in the Baltic States, please look at:
Google pictures (by writing or copying)

  • SOUV. deutschritter orden;
  • German order knights in Latvia;
  • Chivalry;
  • Chivalry in Latvia.

You can also search for:, fonrogge, Olavs Igals von Rogge, komtur, knighthood, etc.

Livonian Order master Gotfrids fon der Rogge (1297- 1306) – the beginning of the von Rogge family  , Facebook    Olavs  Igals - Rogge .

German Order was established in 1189 and this year will be its 815th year in existence – it’s the oldest organization in the world. Livonian Order was established in 1236, but seized to exist in 1525 when it joined with the German Order. German Knight Order was present until the beginning of 19th century, when with the decree from Napoleon Bonaparte it was liquidated. Following this liquidation in Austria was established religious and aristocratic union, which kept the name of German Knight Order but dealt only with charity.
German Knight Order is a closed organization. Thanks to Prince Kropotkin (he and his family are close friends of mine), who mentioned my name in conversations with German aristocrats, I was noticed by them. My ancestor was Livonian Order master Gotfrid fon der Rogge (1296-1306), also Rogge family periodically had been mentioned in history (in Germany). I met the Order requirements for becoming a member:

  • Military officer;
  • Charity Foundation;
  • Aristocratic origin in Germany.

Two years ago during International German Knight Order conference I was unanimously accepted as full-fledged member of the Order. I received a German Knight Order title. After one year probation period ended, I was entrusted to restore the German Knight Order in Baltic States and forever given the title of Komtur, following all chivalry rules.
To keep Knight Order going and save it from disappearance (when no new members are available), German Knight Orders’ governing body in Germany established renewed knight order GLOBAL KNIGHTS – International Noble lady and Knight Order. Requirements for applying are mentioned in our homepage. New and modern knight uniforms are approved. After one year probation period it’ll be possible to buy and carry a sword.
Historical rituals like these could attract 5-7 % of people, who have ancestors (warriors, knights) and are interested in history. I hope that in time I’ll be able to create an elitist Knight club that will truly be elitist.
It doesn’t mean that only real knights can make knighthood history. No. We have huge appreciation for those who are interested in history, who popularize, act out historical events, establish historical unions, groups and societies, who don’t forget their history, who organize tournaments, competitions and camps. German Knight Orders’ master-hohmaster from Germany appreciates what these people are doing; I as a komtur in Baltics appreciate what they are doing. Our Order is quite new, but in time we will try to support movements like that, award the best.


Uniforms of young GLOBAL KNIGHTS (Iternational Noble lady and Knight Order). Knight Order medical service manager – with red cross; young knights of the Order – apprentices; and Komtur – with golden cloak.

Komtur Olavs Igals von Rogge and one of GLOBAL KNIGHTS Noble ladies visit Lutheran church and Russian orthodox church in Nitaure. Their objective is to find out what is needed for maintenance of these churches and figure out how they can help.

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