Planned works

As usual geopolitical changes are taking place in the world. Models of nations, memberships and economic dependence on each other are undergoing changes. People are feeling uneasy and anxious about their safety; they feel that they can’t predict what will happen in the future. That leads to the desire to change their place of residence to a more predictable and safer place.

"Fon Rogges Charity Foundation" based on its Statutes is entitled to offer the information about Latvia and about possibilities to settle in Latvia for people loyal to the state. Information about job options, living conditions and the ability to obtain a residence permit would be offered for interested individuals. Recommendations on which state institutions people should seek information about residence permits will also be offered.

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Sincerely, Olavs Igals von Rogge.


“Fon Rogge Charity Foundation” will organize leisure camps, recreational activities and other events (allowed by the statutes of the foundation) to earn funds for charity.

Thanks to my distant ancestors: the master of Livonian Order – Gottfried von der Rogge (he started to build a castle in Tukums and in year 1300 another castle in Jaunpils) and later Johan Rogge (in 1848 he set going paper production equipment in famous Paper factory of Līgatne) and my father (from the age of 17 he fought in the army of general Kolchak defending the gold reserves of Russia) – by honoring these ancestors I have gained higher military education in St. Petersburg, I’m an officer, I’m a member of German Knight Order, I’m the Komtur of International Noble lady and Knight Order “Global Knights” and I’m the founder of “Fon Rogge Charity Foundation” – this brief summary of Fon Rogge family history shows our Foundation’s goal to explore Fon Rogge family history more (it is also mentioned in our statutes).

“Fon Rogge Charity Foundation” will use my renewed Knight Order titles, form and goals to achieve its own goals. Knight order “Global Knights” is a part of our Foundation.

 Considering many historical factors for almost a hundred years, „Fon Rogge Charity Foundation” has come to very disappointing conclusion. In result of revolutions in Russia and Germany, during later wars, in which the main objective was ambition and display of personal power, tens of millions of innocent people suffered. Intelligence, nobility, the officers, culture, religion, art treasures – all that had been accumulating over hundreds of years (in Russia) – was practically destroyed, as was high culture in Germany and in Europe in general. Later everything was created from scratch, but unfortunately it didn’t work out – the main objective became to grab, grab and grab, stamping down everything else. As a result, we’ve become uncivilized, we don’t read anymore, it’s enough with comic books, advertisements, cheap television shows, which seeks to dumb people down and change them into obedient sheep – self-confidence and the ability to assess themselves has practically disappeared. No matter how strange it may sound, the vast majority of people feel comfortable with that. So God help them!

 One of the priority things to do that The Foundation has put forward is to renew German graves and graveyards in Latvia. There are about 23000 abandoned and uncared-for German graves left in Latvia after the repatriation of Germans after The Warld War Two. The used to be chapels are broke open, vandalized, the crosses are broken and even the bones of people once burried with honour now are scattered about. The Foundation has decided to begin to put in order the German graveyards, because until now, for 63 years, no one has spoken or took care about that. Latvians are very careful about their relative graves and memory of their ancestry. The people of other nationalities who have lived in this land, have also deserved that in their places of rest there is peace and order.

This is priest Oļgerts Misjūns. I got to know about you from friends and decided to write my wish, maybe you can give me advice what to do. In these times things with money are not so good and it is good that I can get help for upkeeping the church because it is a monument of culture, but there are also some problems although we have some projects being written. A very frequent answer is that we have no money and we can`t help for the present, but that relates only to the building. About things happening in the territory, which are not supported by the cultural foundation, I decided to turn to You.

I have a Project: Creating a pedestrian road to ensure local inhabitants`s access to the services, given by Bēržu church.

Bēržu St.Anna`s Roman catholic church is the church of Roman catholic Riga metropoly Rezekne-Aglona diocese congregation. It is located in Balvi district, Berzpils municipality, Bērži. It is a national cultural monument. The first wooden catholic church in Bērzi was built in Year 1755 with means of Pēteris, Mārtiņš and Jāzeps Benislavskis. It remained for about 100 years but it burned down in the middle of the 19th century. The present church was built in year 1851 and was consecrated by bishop F.Albin Simon to honour of St.Anna. The Benislavski family is buried in the yard of the church. The congregation is in diocese of Roman catholic Riga metropoly Rezekne-Aglona. The congregation is served by dean Oļģerts Misjūns. Bēržu congregation has been self-dependent since 1788 and before that it was a branch of Rezekne congregation. The congregation has eight graveyards – Bēržu graveyard, Mastareigas graveyard, Saksmalas graveyard, Galvaru graveyard, Slaveitu graveyard, Līdumnieku graveyard, Dekšņu graveyard, Līporu graveyard. Bēržu church is a roman style masonry building with roof of zincked tin and two towers which have three bells. It is 22 meters long and 20 meters wide and has tile floor. In the benches of the church there are 200 seats. There is a wooden fence with stone poles around the church. The organ in this church is one of the oldest flagella system organ in Latvia. There are four altars in the church. The main altar is from stone with four pillars and with picture of Virgin Maria and Christ`s removal from cross, in front of that they can pull down a picture of Our Lady in a golden frame. Above that there is a picture of Jesus Heart. The left altar is altar of Virgin Maria with a big statue in a niche, but the right altar is altar of St.Anna with her picture. The fourth is altar of St. Anton. Not far from the church a house of priest is being built and there is a need of pedestrian road to that. Recently the road surfacing was renewed. The drivers now can feel safe, but the pedestrians must take into consideration the unconquerable puddles and mud. The worst time to go to the church is from September till May when climate of Latvia is not so good. With this Project we could landscape the territory – we would pave the pedestrian road, create a stand for bicycles; and the side territory to avert formation of puddles and mud.

Our government men have visited the United Arab Emirates with the hope to establish close contacts in the sphere of economics, to establish good and friendly relations for the future, because the Arabs still remain rich people. As if everything is good, but there is one “but” – as real Muslims, the Arabs carefully observe Islamic traditions and pray to Allah. Is there any place where you can do it in Latvia? The answer is “no” at any rate in civilized manner. We have no mosques, the only place is on Brivibas street and that’s all. If you want to make friends with Muslims, think twice about it. You can hear hundred objections about possible terrorism, what is it and where it has come from. Terrorism is a result of the desire of major states to Arab oil, major powers with the help of intelligence services, falsely, supplying the arms for artificially created oppositional movement are destroying rich sovereign Arab states with high level of life, liquidating them as a nation through military force. Thousands of innocent civilians, soldiers, statesmen (Gaddafi) are killed. The leaders promiscuous in the way of coming to power are eager to take their place. This can result in another civil war, then created by major powers «democracy» and complete looting of the state. Isn’t it the terror of major powers towards the Arabs? As a result of these actions desperate people, who have lost their homeland, families, everything they had, go to the last step – to revenge the authorities, without choosing how and where. There is concern that Latvia will be overflowed by Muslims. I think that if it will be in this way, no one will come to this poor country. Resolution of migration issues is up to Government, not religion. Any faith has its temples where believers can worship their Gods, except the Muslims. Now it is the last moment when we can think about it; and if the government has no land for this purpose, I can give my, after all we are “Foundation Fon Rogges “, for us all faiths are equal.

Olav Igals von Rogge

Architect John Friedrich Baumann /1834-1891/ one of the most distinguished Latvian architects. More than 150 building – including buildings of Riga circus, Riga Regional Court, Latvian Academy of Music, Bank of Latvia, Latvian Opera House, as well first three projects in the Song Festival Grounds and many other notable projects in Latvia, including a number of Orthodox churches in Vidzeme. “The Foundation” finds itself obligation to help rebuild the architect Baumann’s final resting place. I hope that potential donors will support this Project in Jēkaba Cemetery in Riga.

Planned projects.
Starting with second half of January, February and March there is planned fund raising for training the volunteers. At the same time the objective is to visit 6 regions and 13 rural districts to clarify how many old, lonely people and disabled people there are what their financial condition is and what the possibilities to help them are as well as we are going to gain an information about sanctuary places, churches, graveyards, recreation centers and artistic communities. Doing so the “Fond” will gain the necessary information in order to continue the charity work in Latvia, the information will be coordinated with all the representatives of all the denominations. Expanding our activities around the country will hopefully help us gain support within the wealthier part of society and continue helping Latvia.

One of the priority tasks is to raise funds for Anna Gertrude Vermane family chapel restoration Pokrov Cemetery in Riga. Chapel is collapsing. Many citizens may not be aware of the historical fact, that Ms. Verman gave Riga The Verman Park (Vērmaņdārzs) In 1817. In 2017 will be 200-year anniversary.

Given that the “Foundation” has just been established, spheres of activity are being studied and coordinated with legal entities and natural persons to be supported. The Foundation will mainly try to spread out its activity outside Riga and the biggest Latvian cities – it will focus on rural areas, especially Latgale. If rural cemeteries are maintained better than city cemeteries, then churches are in a bad condition, there is manpower, but no funds for construction materials. If Lutheran churches are somehow able to exist, small orthodox churches, parish houses are in a dramatic condition, there are no funds and great cultural monuments are perishing. Many people live in counties, former kolkhoz houses, they have no work, counties are short for money, we will try to help as much as we can with food \help to soup kitchens\. We will pay special attention to people in trouble, families – we will organize possible help as much as possible. In the nearest days we will try to coordinate further activities with heads of Lutheran, Orthodox, Synagogues, Catholic, Baptist and other churches about possible types of cooperation.

“Fon Rogges Charity Foundation” will speak to natural persons, will propose participation to wealthy people, who supposedly will not refuse to make their contribution to good deeds in a country on the brink of poverty – Dear Sirs and Madams, let’s help those around us!!!

Olavs Igals von Rogge, Founder of the “Foundation”